5 unique home essentials gift ideas for design lovers

trees are covered with snow, and music is in the air, signaling that it is the most beautiful event of the year; christmas is just around the corner!

christmas eve is all about exchanging gifts with your loved ones. if you are looking for crafty gifts for your decor fanatic friends and family, we have got you covered with unique home decor gift ideas for the special occasion this year.

you got a taste of interior home decor but still need to decide what could be the best option. don't worry; we've gathered all the unique home decor ideas that design lovers can add to their list. signifying beauty, these decor items make the perfect gifts!


five decor items that make the perfect christmas gift

1. linen bedding

a well-adjusted and well-coordinated space looks more attractive and gives a pleasant welcome. covering your bed with linen sheets is a unique idea. this thing adds charm and an exquisite look to your interior.

bedroom interior with pillows on bed


changing linen sheets and bedding can make a massive difference in the room's ambiance. linen is a natural fiber that gives a calm, soothing vibe and simultaneously adds to the aesthetics of your surroundings.

linen bedding and linen sheets could be a unique gift for home decor. we got you one click away if you are wondering where to find one.


2. faux plants

trees and plants have a particular spot on the christmas to-do list. allergies associated with numerous plants are pretty common. while real trees have charisma, faux plants come in handy for people with allergies.

photo of plants on the table

also, some people need more time or energy to put effort into caring for a living plant. artificial options avoid this added responsibility and add visual interest to interior home decor. additionally, they can be great for unique gifts for the home.

3. cutting board designs

unique gifts for a home can be anything that gives a fascinating look to the interior. people have different tastes in home decor design. such as, the sight of a cutting board amongst christmas gifts can be a delight for someone fond of perfect cutting.

decorative wooden cutting boards for the holiday season

using wall hooks or racks to exhibit a cutting board on your room or kitchen wall makes it more visually appealing. this can adapt to a beneficial yet unique home decor gift idea.


4. lantern candle holders

for those who often bring lights to decorate their home, this home decor gift idea not only lightens the room but also brings out the room's color more inherently.


lantern candle
photo by sam loyd on unsplash

the eve of the beautiful day of christmas can be delighted and illuminated using these lantern candle holders inside the home.


5. linen waffle blankets

once covered with a linen sheet; add a lightweight linen blanket for warmth, comfort, and that fluffy cozy feel.

the linen waffle blanket is an ivory plaid that goes with everything. it looks as good in the living room spread over your sofas as in the bedroom.

apart from home decor, this item can be a valuable gift for those with unswervingly practical tastes.

linen waffle blankets get you welcoming, soothing vibes, and adds to the aesthetic look that linen bedding offers.

wrapping up

these freak and unique home decor ideas make the home relish to others and can prove useful and unique gifts for the home.

everything we covered in this article, from linen sheets and bedding to lantern candle holders, makes an imperative look to your eyes and to the one whom you want to gift.