The Katha features all round stonewashed French linen goods, we tightly curate refined home essentials for those who love authentic comfort. We draw inspiration from places that we travelled to, designing timeless classic styles made in our own studio in Bali,Indonesia. This includes erasing the typical industrial mark-up and fast culture. 

 Every Piece With a Story

We provide bed and baths linen goods, which is functional and made for decades to come. We believe every product can only be beautiful when one takes a good care of it.

How Did it Start?

What does 'The Katha' mean? 

The Katha means 'story' in Hindi. It started with just an idea when I first saw women weavers in India making scarves out of merino wool, that was back in 2017. 

‘I find joy in things that have their own stories. And I think what we call “home” mirrors our inner self. Peace reflects peace; colour reflects colour. 'Of all the things at home, let's get more personal. We sleep in bed, love in bed, laugh in bed. This linen collection is a silver lining.