Meet The Founder

Every piece with a story.


"The Katha is a marriage between the love of travels and goods with stories from the entrepreneur artisans. I think of The Katha as a way for me to express creativity through contemporary and modern home decor products that I present through my platform.

The idea of Katha was founded back in 2017 when I first traveled to India, it was a glimpse that popped up out my mind when I saw women weavers were making scarves using their wooden loom set.


In 2019, I started to take more interest in decorating home and realized there was something missing. The house where I stayed was full of items that have no sentimental value and mass produced products.

Then I decided to dig on something and....

After a careful research and seven months of preparation including trips to visit the artisans perhaps some (or maybe more) sleepless nights, I took the leap of faith to launch The Katha. "


I personally would like to thank you some of my friends, family and you to be a part of this journey.





A.C (Co- Founder)