We seek to partner with like-minded designers, hotel owners, and business owners. Contact us for more information and have one of our assisted team members to begin with your dream project consultation.






Why business with us?


  1. Over 500+ happy sleepers in countries across U.S.A, Canada, France, and The Maldives.
  2. OEKO-Tex certified that means our fabric is dyed without any harmful chemicals therefore its safe for everyone to use!
  3. Wide selection of colour palette – complimentary fabric swatches
  4. Low minimum order value and minimum order quantity; making it flexible for you to choose more colors or variation
  5. Hands on styling and consultation dedicated and tailored for your project.
  6. We pay above average wage to our partnered artisans and ensure they work in a fair trade standard environment.
  7. Direct to consumer. No middleman cost.